The Uptown

by Shoutmyshop

April 5,2017

So you are moving with the latest fad and keeping up with all that trending. But , Hey! Amidst all this you are missing out on giving yourself a treat. And a little indulgence is not a sin, especially when the indulgence is all for the good!

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MARCH 2, 2017

The morning tea with crisp vada (known as Bara in Odia) in the MLA Colony Unit-4 or a platter of hot and spicy Aloo Paratha in-front of Railway Station you can have it all.Every mile or so, has an ample concentration of mouth-watering, lip-smacking items to be savoured at your own will. Wait a little longer, the sun to brighten it gaze and then you can easily visualize the rush near the road to Priya Hotel, the premiere South

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